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FIG. 4 shows the GROUND-BASED DATA DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM. The processor 21 integrates the Air Traffic Control/Management (ATC/M) module 19 with the Air Carrier and Aircraft Manufacturing Communication Module 20. The ATC/M module 28 assimilates Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) ATC/M 25 digital data with digital Map Database 26, Weather Database 27, digital Topographic Database 28 and En-route ATC/M 29 data. The Air Carrier and Aircraft Manufacturers Communication Module 20 integrates all Air Carrier and Aircraft Emergency & Maintenance, Warnings/Cautions, Simulations 30 and the Remote Pilot Secure Aircraft Simulator 7. For training purposes, among others, the Remote Pilot Simulator 7 can also be interfaced to an aircraft manufacturer's simulator located at either the Air Carrier or Aircraft Manufacturing Facility 30. This permits the remote pilot located in the ground-based Remote Pilot Simulator 7 to undergo emergency training using data derived from an aircraft manufacturer or air carrier simulator, in place of operational aircraft data, prior to any actual aircraft problems. It permits the remote pilot a chance to practice varying emergency landing procedures and maneuvers concurrent with an in-flight aircraft, such as Aircraft 2, being on autopilot. This maybe a vital capability since many aircraft that are experiencing major problems with a landing can be operated on autopilot for a substantial portion of flight time prior to attempting to land said aircraft. This technique optimizes the success in landing an aircraft that is experiencing landing related problems.