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FIG. 3 shows the CENTRAL GROUND-BASED PROCESSING STATION (CGBS) used for collecting and disseminating the digital data from a plurality of aircraft and aviation sources. The CGBS digitally processes such sources and then ciphers the digital data so that it can be exclusively/uniquely/solely utilized by the targeted aircraft 2. It also shows the antenna 8 utilized for transmitting and receiving radio frequency (RF) ciphered two-way digital data between the CGBS and the targeted aircraft 2. Since there exists a plurality of aircraft 2, each targeted aircraft has a unique identification (ID) that permits the CGBS to process each individual aircraft 2 as a unique vehicle. The CGBS, by adding the unique aircraft ID to its transmitted data stream, can send data to a specific/unique aircraft, or send a general message to a group of aircraft, or a global message to all aircraft. To assure the integrity, security and uniqueness of critical digital data going to and from all aircraft 2 the antenna control and RF interface 23 perform the cipher/decipher, anti-jam and anti-spoof controller functions. All of the communication both to and from the aircraft 2 and other aircraft are stored in the data storage 18 section of the CGBS for archival retrieval should that become necessary for post flight analysis. The CGBS also acts as the communication control unit for the air traffic control/management (ATC/M) module 19 data and the Air Carrier and Aircraft Manufacturers Communication Module 20. In order for the CGBS to process the large amount of digital data, communication and ciphering information a processor 21 acts as an intelligent controller. The CGBS provides visibility to the many transactions taking place at this site via a display and control system 22. The Remote Pilot Simulator 7 communicates with aircraft 2 though the ATC/M Module 19. The Remote Pilot Simulator 7 communication to/from ATC/M Module 19, with aircraft 2 includes the aircraft control parameters (e.g.: aircraft ID, 3-D position, 3-D velocity, heading, velocity, target state and target change reports--waypoints, etc.) via the secure ground digital data 5. The ATC/M. weather, map, terrain and security communication 4 from the ATC/M Module 19 is transmitted/received over the secure ground digital data link 5. The ATC/M 19 and aircraft data from a plurality of CGBS' is also distributed over the secure ground digital data link 5.